Stamperzine! has a goal of connecting paper craft professionals and enthusiasts. With so many websites and social media sites, how do you get found?

Get connected with Stamperzine!

Illustrators:  So many rubber stamp companies would love to license your work…  but do they know you are out there? Have they seen your incredible talent?

Stamp Companies: Stores are always looking for new fresh products for their customers.  Do they know who you are? do they know about those great stamps you are releasing next month?

Stores:  Do you know what is new in rubber stamping? What new designs companies are releasing? What new techniques designers have come up with?

Convention owners:  Do the stamp companies know about your plans for next year? Are they excited to participate in making your convention a success?

Designers & Stampers: You keep the industry moving. You challenge us. You bring fun and excitement to paper crafting. Where are your wonderful blogs?

Stamper Forums: We love to share and learn from others. Do people know where to find you?

Stamperzine! offers a single site where industry professionals can connect and find out what is new & exciting.  Please contact us to find out how you can be featured in Stamperzine!

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